Gold Profile Picture
Music – Chicago, IL

Hip Hop artist and Rogers Park native Gold, is a gifted wordsmith on a mission. With a tough exterior but thoughtful touch that is apparent in his music Gold raps about issues of community, poverty, identity & more. In fact, the opening track of his project Orange , Pressure says “I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not good at wearing masks.” Orange is a chronicle of his past, a vivid account of raw emotion, and a courageous display of unfiltered self-exposure. Gold takes the listener on a walk through the darkest places while simultaneously conveying his unwavering faith and belief in progress. At a young age, Gold used writing to express his emotions and to release inner turmoil when no one else would listen. Influenced by the politics of 2Pac, the burning desire of J. Cole , & the showmanship of Chris Brown, he has a genuine desire to impact his community and to create better opportunities for his peers. His message of love is a welcome respite from a world of polarized hate and is a strong indicator of what sets the thoughtful MC apart from the rest of the industry. ...more