Music – Pittsburgh

In the beginning, The Seams played in the mud together and rode their bikes home for dinner when the streetlights came on. They had adventures and got into plenty of mischief while growing up along the rusty banks of the Monongahela. Over the years, they learned to play all sorts of instruments and played in all sorts of bands. One bleak winter, six pale and tired friends picked up their instruments (and a case of cheap beer) to fight back the boredom that comes with short days and subzero temperatures. Inspired by a secondhand Weavers record they had been listening to, the newly formed ensemble reached back to the very roots of rock n\' roll. The six of them crowded into a tiny living room on Jefferson Street and picked through haunting slave spirituals, dusty oldtime songs, hot ragtime tunes, and stompin bluegrass numbers. Shortly after, they took their show on the road. Ever since, the six friends have been throwing down old timey style for crowds from the hills and the mills.