The Stakes
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Music – Phoenix, AZ

Rising from the once-barren ashes of Arizona’s sunbaked streets, The Stakes are quickly gaining prominance in Phoenix\'s music scene and only moving up. Their eclectic brand of hip-hop, which synthesizes the influences of their diverse personnel drawing from roots spanning the United States, comes to life onstage in high-energy performances guaranteed to get you on your feet and keep you there. The Stakes refuse to succumb to the promises of quick money and fame through superficial lyrics and automated or auto-tuned performances now so ubiquitous in the music industry. Instead, this 7+ live hip-hop band is dedicated to preserving the true values of hip-hop, in which the Emcee is the modern griot, and jazz, creative music for the people rather than a museum. Their original compositions span from club-bangers to slow-jams and anything in between, all the while rooted in an infectious groove sure to keep your head nodding and feet moving as it resonates through your body and soul. The Stakes are not the same for you and I, her or him. We must all know The Stakes before playing our hand. ...more