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Tlazōlteōtl in Mexihca Cosmology is the deity (energy) of filth and purification. She can bring about illness to the unclean, but also be called upon to sweep away and heal. Her dual nature speaks to the belief that this third dimension, life on earth, is defined by duality—the purpose being to transcend it. In my own healing journey, I’ve found that we have the same duality within us—the capacity to attract uncleanliness and the capacity to transmute it. My intention for the products I co-create (with Spirit) is for them to be tools for folks on their self-care, self-love, healing journeys. The medicine is already inside us, we only need to activate the healer within! ...more

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PREMIERE at 1015 Folsom (21+) – Jan 29, 2020 @7:00PM