Todd Puchalski

Photography – Orange County

I am an experienced and eclectic Artist, working in many mediums and in array of focuses and styles. I am also an Art teacher, philanthropist, extreme sports athlete, musician and more. Photography, while not my only medium, has been an excuse to create stunning imaging while in Lust or Love, on the move from over mountaintops and under the waves and through many countries and even backstage, making it my primary Art form to date. Aside of over 20 years of learning the technical skills that a good photography should, moving from film to digital, and the tool that is a camera, it has also given me hours of “the zone” and serenity in my own fantasy worlds in electric color, or studio B&W. I use my photography to document real life, capture spontaneous moments, evoke intense emotions, and to bring awareness to humanitarian needs, animal rights and to eco issues globally; but most importantly, to inspire and impassion others to do something great for themselves and for others; To live the aesthetic of life.