Tonio the Creator

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

Living by the saying “art is life”, some may not realize the love and work it takes to create a life from art. Antonio Allen, movement and visual artist, director and muse, is the epitome of such. As a successful professional Movement artist for over nine years, Antonio’s other passions for art such as Painting, designing and Photography also were never forgotten. While as an artist for the world renowned Michael Jackson One show by Cirque du Soleil, Antonio experienced a number of injuries, one of which resulting in having survived a brain surgery. During his year long recovery, he found the opportunity to grow within his other passions pertaining to the arts. As a young boy growing up in the colorful environments of south Florida, Antonio attended specialized Art schools from the early age of 5 through college. In his early years as a student, Antonio was vigorously trained in mediums such as: Acrylic, oil, watercolor paints, wood and clay sculpting, photography and Dance. During his early studies, Antonio became familiar with Photographers such as Jamel Shabazz, Gordon Parks, Carrie Mae Weems and cinematographer spike Lee. Instantly becoming obsessed with their style and visions, Antonio ventured deep into the craft of Photography. Like his predecessors, Antonio studied their skills, style and developed his own way of capturing the true essence of whomever he chose to point his camera.