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Singer/songwriter, Sarah "TourNeSoul" Shah is a vibrant, Soul/R&B indie artist who takes listeners on a journey through her musical creativity Along with singing, she is an actress a dancer/choreographer, writer, and creative director. Born in Harlem, raised in the Bronx, she is the youngest of 4 children, & strives to be able to give her siblings as well as her Mother what they didn't have growing up. In 2014, She recieved her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management-Music Business from Five Towns College. Currently she works at ODAEP as a Program Manager, a Youth Mentor & Step Dance Coach at SoBro, and co-owning the rising BondinFirst Productions. Her goal along with the team, is to one day use all experience, talents, and knowledge to establish BondinFirst as the top entertainment company in the world. Tournesoul interviewed with Sandra Bookman on ABC Here & Now twice, for two lead roles: The Faculty Room, & Subway Story ( A Shooting). Her highlighted performances thus far, have been at the NYC Marathon, milk river, Amityville Music Hall, DROM nyc, The Highline Ballroom, SOB's , as well as The Delancey. Taking what she's learned from her first EP, "Garden of my Soul", to now pushing her second, "AURA", she plans to expose every market to her music. Tournesoul's personality, dedication, and talent, sets the tone to higher heights ...more