Performing Art – Winnipeg

Kevan, also known as Sing Song of T-West hails from a musical family in Westmoreland Jamaica, where he grew up immersed in, and eventually working in music and dance. He moved to Winnipeg in 2021 and is passionate about sharing his talent with others. His motto is that music and dance can change the hearts and minds of youth today. As a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor he specializes in Traditional Jamaican Folk, Dancehall, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Beats, Krump, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary styles. If Kevan is not dancing, you will find him in his music studio creating new music tracks or producing videos. As Sing Song, he has released some of his original music "Be Careful", "True Love", and "Upside Down", on all platforms. You can also find his videos on Youtube. Follow his socials on IG and Facebook for more information on upcoming dance classes or shows!