Desert Flower Accessories

Fashion – Indianapolis

I am an Independent Accessory/Fashion Designer. My designs are customized, embellished, skillfully handcrafted, hand painted, one of a kind, statement pieces. I enjoy the process of repurposing, upcycling, and recycling materials to create a more valuable product. My specialty is creating accessories made from t-shirts, belts, belt buckles, blue jeans, discarded jewerly, leather/suede scraps/faux fur etc. I have a passion for designing runway accessories which has allowed me to collaborate in the inaugural Indiana Fashion Week Finale June 2019, I've collaborated with some very talented fashion designers as well as being featured in fashion shows as a designer. One of the most exciting experiences I've had is to have a few of my handcrafted statement accessories featured in a local magazine. The list goes on of the amazing opportunities I have enjoyed in the fashion industry in such a short time