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Photography – Indianapolis, IN

I am a visual artist. I specialize in Videography and Photography. I have created several music videos for local artists and on those videos I directed, filmed and edited. My production value needed to improve so I started focusing more on photography. During the attempts to improve the production value of my videos, I became deeply interested in the art of light and dark. I still produce in both mediums, but Photography has become my passion. I started TwoBrainz Photography 2012, in order to give my art branding and move forward with a specific approach. Artistically, I have espoused a representation of the psychological theory of "left brain vs. right brain". Meaning that my work represents the creativity inherent in us all, but is rooted the scientific and pragmatic approach of classic Photography. What you end up with are unique vantage that challenge your expectations rooted in classic Photography. Many of my pieces feel familiar to you because of the way you have viewed in pictures up until this point, but they challenge your perspective and make you think. My whole purpose for creating is to make you reconsider your perspective and how we look at life. Twobrainz equates to Left Brain vs. Right Brain. My Brain versus Your Brain. Our Brain versus Their Brain. It is thought in progress captured in a moment. ...more