Accessories – Atlanta

Since UrbanEllegance Jewelry's inception in 2009, self -taught designer ,Tameka Navarro affectionately known as "MeedyMeek" has grown her company from the ground up– continually refining her products, creating unique designs, while aspiring to make a positive impact through her business. Over the years UrbanEllegance has grown into a constant force to be reckoned with-in the accessories world. This consistency lead to a solid client base that grew to include celebrity and international clientele. In 2011 Urban Ellegance Jewels partnered with Hobby Lobby to facilitate its first instructor lead beginner's jewelry making classes in the South Eastern Region. UrbanEllegance has been on a relentless mission of constant elevation and progression which has afforded many opportunities to collaborate with other extremely talented, world renowned and dope up and coming artist, photographers and creatives. UrbanEllegance Jewelry has been a featured brand in standing room only fashion shows in Atlanta and been has continued to show more and more growth with each passing day. The "art is life" movement is truly alive and being pushed forward by this brand.