Visual Art – San Francisco

I am a visual artist, educator and business developer who empowers women of color, and helps entrepreneurs create financial growth. My artwork comes from a place of pure emotion; I communicate my experience with unintentional brush strokes and placement of texture. Sometimes I use my hands, sometimes I use random tools; I love incorporating recycled materials and whatever else I find to create. Art provides a space for me to be free without any criticism or competition. It enables me to develop my voice, to explore curiosities and express deep emotions. As a business professional I was out of touch with my identity as an Artist, so when I fell into a state of depression I realized it was because my creativity was being suppressed. Art became my gateway for healing - a sacred space for me to become my true self. I am a member of the TrapxArt organization, an Oakland, CA based platform and voice for the urban creative mind. My journey has been featured in Fast Company and Yahoo! Finance. I was named one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2021 by Entrepreneurs Herald and Top 10 Influential Entrepreneurs to Keep an Eye on in 2021 by USA Today.