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Visual Art – San Francisco, CA

Art is a gateway for healing. My artwork comes from a place of pure emotion. In the absence of shapes or images somehow I’m able to communicate my experience with unintentional brush strokes, often whimsical, sometimes I use my hands, sometimes it gets messy. This is the way I connect with my canvas. I felt the urge to begin painting in late summer 2016. I was on sabbatical from a very high-powered banking career. At the time I felt burned-out - I needed to bring myself to center and begin the process of healing. I’d been struggling with depression, although I didn’t know I was depressed but kept going through the motions until I realized I needed healing. For years I suppressed the inner turmoil that stemmed from traumatic life experiences. I had internalized my suffering, eventually my smile and positive personality were not enough to cover the pain I was in. I like to use recycled materials and whatever else I find to create. The resources always come to me. I never have to look far to find them. I do not compete in my work. I was very competitive in my career but in my art it doesn’t matter. Art provides a space for me to be free without any criticism or competition. I enjoy my work, I know it is beautiful but sometimes it is not beautiful depending on how I feel. I try not to judge but appreciate my work. I’m at peace with what it is. At this point in time I'm embarking upon a new adventure. A new path of discovery; one filled with personal passions and creativity. I've always been an Artist. There was an insatiable thirst for purpose that went unfulfilled until I discovered the artistic medium. Once I gave myself permission break free and try new things the elements of purpose, fulfillment and abundance rushed in. I am an abstract artist. I've taken time to develop my work and share it with the world. This has been my process for healing and healing is continuous! I'm inspired and refreshed by the new experience. ...more