Visual Art – Washington, D.C.

V1c brings a love for technology and artistic expression by merging symmetry, vibrant colors, and life experiences to shape his creations. Being born in bustling NYC and raised in laid-back Virginia Beach, VA, contributed to his unique mix of city and beach styles. V1c participated in and won the 2010 Open Happiness Coca-Cola Competition, for his stop-motion animated video on the importance of water conservation. This experience motivated him to continue using his art for social change. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica, he worked alongside youth and woman’s groups to launch “Paint for Progress”, a region-wide mural painting project. The murals highlighted issues affecting children in their communities, such as bullying, youth empowerment, and cleaning the environment. V1c is currently residing in Washington, DC, where he continues to look for opportunities to use his art for self-expression and positive change in his community.