Fashion – Seattle

My name is Carrie Guthrie & I'm the Designer of "Viva Lu Chi". ?What comes to mind when you see these 3 words? VIVAcious, LUminous & CHIc? These 3 words are soon to be replacing the way we look at ourselves and the size we own proudly... ...Large, Medium & Small is now Vivacious, Luminous & Chic... An Uninhabited World of Fashion Apparel Designed for Every unique Beauty and body because every"body" is Beautiful, Whether you're a "size"- (super CHIc "XS") extra small- (CHIc "S") small- (LUminous "M") medium- (VIVAcious "L") large- (very VIVAcious "XL") extra large (very very VIVAcious "XXL") extra extra large... In my experience, Fashion has made me, my best own hater, while looking in the mirror. As I analyze and critique myself getting dressed in what I knew was fashion; I expect this Fa$hion to make me feel CONFIDENT & UNIQUE, in my own fresh distinct ways. Yet I was never fully CONFIDENT with my reflection in the mirror and I believe who ever came up with our fast fashion sizing system is to blame because just like you, I hated every pair of jeans I put on. I believe that every size woman can relate whether you're a size, (very very VIVAcious), or if you're a size (super CHIc), we have been made to believe we need to be more of this or less of that. So then thin women want to be thicker and thick women want to be thinner; or thin women feel the need to be thinner and thick women feel the need to be thicker. Why do we need to be anything else but ourselves? Why can't I be fine with my own original one of a kind shine? The Fast UNoriginal UNattainable Fashion in my opinion is to blame. Our self images and self esteem has been distorted to mass produce "FAST FASHION". Which brings me to the next note, when I look at most fashion today, I don't see a whole lot of ORIGINALITY & I don't see enough UNIQUENESS in it & once again I blame the copycat retail "Fast Fashion" of today and the people who continue to support & buy that unneeded footprint at "TRUE COST". <<(If you haven't yet seen this documentary I suggest you do.) Unlike Retail fashion, Viva Lu Chi styles & designs are the freshest, original, one of a kind, illest, fashion apparel designed with unique confidence for you. Re-cycled, Re-Cleaned, Re-freshed, Re-analyzed, Re-imagined, Re-constructed, Re-created, Re-designed, Re-dressed, Re-invented, Re-fashioned, Re-crowned, Re-branded, Re-emerged, Re-labeled, Re-born, REALEST Fashion, Re-introduced, in Seattle Washington, as "Viva Lu Chi", handmade, wearable art.... "VivaLuChi" apparel, "BatChez" heels, & "Storm1983" Onlyღ xoxo Carrie vlc