Fashion – Phoenix

"It's interesting to think that the cloth that covers your skin can have such a profound impact on the soul." Founded 5 years ago I originally started designing clothing for myself. Shopping for lingerie I found that most items did not fit. It was not the size as much as the cut of clothes. At first, I tried cheap online wholesale stores to resell items I thought were trendy. The pieces were cute ,however, the same issue arose. The clothes felt rough and did not fit. I could not find what I wanted and began teaching myself to sketch. Trial and error, mistakes, failures, sorrow and laughter brought me closer to myself as an artist. From the sketches came a life. A new found form of creativity that I could cultivate to make other women feel like I did. Beautiful, confident, sexy... Authentic. Through well thought out designs, local plus size manufacturers and plush materials I extend that same feeling to you. Authentically Sexy; Unapologetically You.