Shaz (Warhorse Studios)

Accessories – Edmonton

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, and a passion for Cultural Histories, Shaz lived in Edinburgh in Scotland, and Wexford in Ireland, from 1999-2008. Her journey as an Artist began during this time, including training in Blacksmithing, Sword-making, Silversmithing (Forming, Chasing, Jewellery), Leatherwork, and Harness construction. Experience with the Conservation of Museum Artefacts, Research of Arms & Armour, and the Restoration of Regalia, have all contributed mightily to her devotion to emulating the magnificence of ancient artworks. Shaz\'s Goldsmithing Apprenticeship began upon her return to Edmonton in 2008, and she has been creating unique Jewellery, and Accessories with a Historic Twist, ever since! She also does custom and repair work, and loves to explore new ways of creating precious treasure, with delicate metals and special stones.