Wax and Fire Co.

Craft – Toronto

My love of scent began when I started working in health food stores as a teenager and discovered the world of natural wellness. I remember picking up bottles of essential oils and falling in love with the magnificent scents and feelings of peace and calm that immediately followed. My journey lead me to study Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine, making natural skincare and now candles. I began experimenting with soy wax candles in 2016 and fell in love! I never found any candles that smelled good to me, like things in nature. After much research, I discovered soy wax, which is sustainable, 100% natural and petroleum free, so it doesn’t emit toxins when burning. I began developing the first scents I would launch in my collection, blends of essential oils and high quality, phthalate free fragrances that would not cause people headaches. I wanted to create scents that do not overpower but gently awaken the senses and feel like a warm hug. I love how the glow of a candle with a beautiful scent fills and room and creates a mood, it’s very powerful yet very simple. There is nothing like striking a match and lighting a candle, that ritual is so beautiful to me and I love being a part of that for people. I love that I can create something that can brighten someone’s day and connect with them through the incredible the power of scent.