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Music – Dallas, TX

I am a singer/songwriter, who is very vibe centric. My sound is chill rnb, with a mix of pop, Neo soul, & reggae. I was born & raised in Hawai'i (The Big Island), which is where a big part of my islander sound comes from. I grew up listening to all genre's of music, but fell in love with rnb and its' smooth vibes. Music has always been my sanity, and a huge way of expressing myself. I'll sit and listen to a beat and find the energy. I'll let the energy help me to create a vibe. If it's there, it's there. I won't force it. My favorite tracks are the ones that just flowed; but the tracks that needed more attention taught me a lot. I am releasing a new music video, "Crazy B*tch", on November 1st. It comes in lieu of my recent EP release. I am working on creating more visuals right now, than I am putting out more music. I am working on another project to release sometime early next year. You can find me on Instagram - wela.music ...more