Ashley Taylor

Craft – Toronto

My name is Ashley and I am the little wild hippy child behind the Wildflowers Wax and Wood business! I have been creating my products and adding services to my business since 2021 and I love every second of it! I am that girl who would rather disappear off into the woods to see all that beauty Mother Earth has to offer or run barefoot through the fields with my baskets - picking wildflowers and herbs to heal with, than ever be caught dead in an in town area. It's just not me. I love all things spiritual and healing - especially the natural way I have been creating: Natural soy candles topped with healing crystals and dried herbs/flowers/fruits Natural beeswax candles Natural bath salts Natural cold processed soaps Natural lotion bars and so much MORE! I also have recently taken a huge deep dive into my spirituality after a traumatic passing of my partner - which has been the best way for me to heal SO, with that being said, I am a full blown 'woo woo' girl as my family and friends call it! The services I currently provide: Akashic record readings Reiki sessions Tarot/Astrology readings and the list keeps on growing From the time I was young, I was working in family restaurants, which are pure chaos ALL THE TIME. But when the big C hit (covid), we were forced to shut down our business until we were allowed to go back. This forced me to learn the slower paces, and how to appreciate not living in a state of constant anxiety - it was one of the biggest blessings I could have asked for. During this time was when I started creating all my natural products. When we had to go back to work, this is when my body started screaming that it didn't want to be there anymore... which made it very hard for me to put my all into the family biz (I did of course, because I love my family), but I knew it wasn't for me anymore. Thankfully, we JUST sold our restaurant, which will allow my Mom to focus on her health and healing, and now I can fully step into my soul purpose as a healer So now here I am... applying for markets, getting myself out there, and ready to share my gifts with the world