Wings N Scales

Accessories – Sacramento

A little about me..well, I started painting since I was a tiny tot..but really didnt get to learn the ins and outs of it until I was in my 20\'s. So, painting and photography were one of my first loves in life. One day at a craft fair I was participating in, a person told me that I should make jewelry out of my paintings. I thought..hmm..this could be interesting. So I tried it out and I really wasnt into mass producing my designs.. So, I kind of put that aside but I continued with making jewelry. A couple of years of making similar things I decided to expand my skills. Since then, I have learn a large variety of Jewelry making and I am able now to create things my way with my style. A few months ago, I started playing with polymer clay, then the idea struck my mind.. Why not paint pendents. So that is where I am at today.