Wolfman Art
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Visual Art – Boston, MA

I am a fantasy artist that loves all things magical. I discovered my interests in fantasy when realizing the imagination was something that only art could identify on a very deep level. My interests in the arts, however, didn't first begin with illustration or concept design. In high school, I picked up film and video and was spellbound by how the language was---in one sense, bending our own realities in regards to time, space, and location with a lens that felt like an eye of some sort. I discovered design components in the filmic language with storyboarding and researching into production art. It made sense to me from this point forward that tailoring my skills and techniques in this area by receiving formal training would greatly improve my skills as a designer, as well as an all around filmmaker. In 2012, I attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and received my Bachelor's in Illustration in the summer of 2016. I normally work in Photoshop with my digital paintings and then, switch over to ZBrush to work on character modelling, demonstrating the changes and similarities between the two digital renderings. Being a designer with a passion in movies, it excited in my process to first paint a character then see that character almost photorealistically created in 3D. Coming out of college, I had gotten multiple job opportunities with freelance design and has now made it my primary focus in my career. ...more