Maggie von Moos

Visual Art – Portland

Art in all its forms has inspired me since I was 4 years old. Over the years,my love of art and the maturity of my work have grown into a love affair. I am now more dedicated than ever to creating works of art that people will enjoy for years to come. This desire to inspire others with my creations acts as a catalyst to see the beauty and inspiration in the world around me. With the exception of a couple of art classes through my local community collage, I am completely self taught. I have spent hours pouring over reference manuals, visiting galleries and art shows and, of course, dedicating time daily to working in my studio. This urge to create grows only stronger as I continue to develop my skills as an artist. I hope that you will derive the same pleasure in viewing my creations as I derive while creating them. They are truly images of my soul and every piece starts as an inspired moment in my life.