Shawna Elizabeth Enterprise, SEE

Beauty – New York - NYC

I have loved Make-up Art since I was 11 years old. I dream in color and I dream about the contours of a face. I have surrendered to the love of make-up art over 10 years ago when I decided I didn\'t want to do anything else. I have had the opportunity to work for the most extraordinary cosmetic brands. I have also had the honor to paint many celebrities faces. I am obsessed with my craft and constantly learning and growing as a Make-up Artist. I am always awaiting a primed canvas. My ah ha moment comes from seeing a client\'s transformation and watching them get a glimpse of the new them. Watching them fall in love with the many possibilities that Make-up Art can deliver. They articulate better, play with their hair more...and they can\'t stop smiling. The have experienced the power of Make-up Art and they are having a \"Hello Darling Moment\". Make-up fills my palette and ,Make-up is my ART!....Hello Darling!