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Craft – Boston, MA

Hello my name is Yabra A.K.A. Yabsz and I am the crafter behind these products found here at Yabsz Palace. I Created this Business one because I like to create and I'm very crafty lol and this is something I love to do..I also created this because I'm tired of working for someone and having a Manager hovering over my shoulders while I work, I wanted to be my own Boss, I have been working on this for about 3 years now and I was finally able to start it off in Jan of this year, was doing sales thru Instagram and Facebook, created my Etsy Shop in March/April. I have done a couple of small vendor events and had an awesome time at all, I want to expand and one day own my shop to sell my products. I'm Glad to be apart of the RAW Artist Team. ...more