Yanina May
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Photography – New York - Brooklyn, NY

My name is Yanina May, I m 33, from Long Island, NY, and I have 17 years of experience in photography. I specialize in a few different genres of Photography and thankfully make my living doing what I am passionate about. My favorite shoots where I feel I get to be my most creative range from working with Fashion Designers & Dancers to working with Musicians, and other Entrepreneurs to Fine Art. Recently I started a large series (and one that I feel is incredibly important) where I am trying to bring more awareness and knowledge to people concerning wildlife that has been or is about to be added to the Endangered Species list. As the project grows, I am so thankful to have the RAW Showcase to share it with others and hopefully bring more awareness to what's going on. Besides my intense love for Photography, my Mamiya 645, the darkroom, and my personal studio, I am a huge book worm, I love cookies and cats, Marvel movies are fantastic, and if I could own a Dragon I absolutely would. I tend to be a super organized person but also really easy to work with and fun to be around. I love collabs and I hope to be able to work with some incredibly talented people in the June RAW Artist Showcase. Thank you to RAW for this incredible opportunity and see you in June! ...more