Yannis Lobaina

Photography – Toronto

Yannis Lobaina is an award Winning Cuban writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Yannis graduated from the International School of Film, Radio and Television and is a diplomate of the VII Literacy Training Course ‘Onelio Jorge Cardoso’. She has published over 25 short fiction stories and Flash Nonfiction pieces worldwide and has produced more than 40 short fiction and documentaries in Cuba. Yannis explores immigration, diaspora, and motherhood themes through different storytelling tools. Yannis received the Toronto Arts Council’s Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship grant (2019) for her current picture book "Amélie The Crow Girl," the first manuscript of the bilingual Spanish- English series. Recent publications include her non-fiction short ‘Canadiana Boots’ in Tint Journal Magazine (2020) and the short story ‘Deeply Rooted’ with publisher Editorial Mapale. She is currently pursuing Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. More about https://enlareddeltiempo.com/