Yuki Goodman

Visual Art – Vancouver

I was born in Japan and took a liking to art at a very young age. I trained in drawing at an art studio and when I was 20 moved temporarily to New York. Returning to Japan, I continued expanding my skills, taking private visual art lessons from a Parson\'s University professor in multiple art software. Hoping to discover even more, I moved to Montreal where I apprenticed in hand drawn animation at the Pascal Blais Studio and worked on various freelance 2D and 3D art projects. One day I started to struggle to do everyday activities. Pushing myself affected my health. It became easier and easier to get infections, migraines, and nausea. In 2010 it became increasingly difficult to get out of bed. In 2011, I moved to North Vancouver. I had to give up on my career and started to focus on my health in order to improve it bit by bit. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and I have found that a drastic change in lifestyle and submersing myself in art has helped. When my health began to improve, I started to focus on artistically rendering the feminine figure with flowing organics. I try to approach every painting with a different perspective and stylistic flair. I challenge myself to express my idea of beauty differently in every piece. I paint in watercolor, ink and acrylic and make crafts in paper.