Visual Art – Chicago

Zach Barnard is a Virginia born, Chicago Based artist. His love of painting started at an early age. Growing up as an only child, Zach found himself constantly searching for ways to keep his spastic mind preoccupied. He discovered a beautiful refuge in painting. Zach is a colorist who encompasses swift gesture and broad brushstroke; a nature similar to that of the Post-Impressionists and of the Fauves or (Wild Beasts). Zach is currently selling through The Leigh Gallery located in the Lakeview Chicago area and is exploring new genres of immersive installation work. Fueled by a true passion for painting, he wants to expand his professional horizon to the best of his ability in achieving a creative career. In his work, he focuses on subject matter that most people tend to over-look. Moments that are hidden from us everyday- like making a chair come to life or giving a door the power to speak.