Zeek the Artist

Visual Art – Denver

As a young artist coming from a neighborhood that was know for violence and gangs, I was introduced to the art of graffiti by one the small neighborhood gangs. Fascinated by the “wild style” street art style that one specific member was know for I knew that that it was something I had to learn. As the time went by and i picked up the style. I was going down the wrong paths at such a young age. I knew I had to change things up and focus on the art of creating and not having to run away late at night. High school came along and I took art class that introduced me to different mediums and tought me that I could either put my art in gallery’s or recreate beautiful art pieces and sell or trade with others. I soon turned the wrong paths into the right ones. I started to get into customizing shoes and putting art on things you wouldn’t expect it. From then on I know I could make this a side hustle and invest more of my time into my art and materials.