Visual Art – Vancouver

Zen tells stories that matter for people who give a damn. Zen comes from a long line of rebellious artists. His grandmother broke with feudal traditions and cut off her foot bindings; learned to read and write; practised art and divorced her arranged husband. His grandfather sculpted nude statues of goddesses and was punished during China's culture revolution. His father participated in student demonstrations and was forced to leave his homeland. Today, Zen continues to be an artist always exploring the edge of societal norms. His latest project is called "DEEP". It is an Underground Manga Erotica in the style of HongKong Crime Noir. It is an existential crisis disguised as passionate sexcapades. What is moral and immoral? What is acceptable and unacceptable? What is perversion and eroticism? DEEP takes the readers on a journey they will never forget. Preview Artwork will be on display and visitors can purchase signed posters at a reasonable price. People can also sign up for "DEEP CLUB" where they can get behind-the-scene looks at the graphic novel creation process as well as reserve advanced copies of the book.