The beauty and soul gypsy


My story began when a friend, who happened to be a MAC artist, encouraged me to bring my raw talent in artistry and technique to the company. It was there where I would begin my journey into the path of being a beauty professional as I began to be groomed in how to find success in the industry. It wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I stepped out to find new opportunities to grow as an artist. I then discovered RAW Dallas and got the opportunity to showcase 3 times between 2013 and 2015. I then showcased in RAW Atlanta 2016. Since showcasing in RAW Atlanta I became the creative director for Street fashion week fashion show in New York. The experiences I’ve acquired in working in so many different environments has expanded my love and passion in the art world beyond beauty and fashion. All of these experiences landed me here as the director of RAW Atlanta. I'm truly excited!