Najee G Fields


Najee Fields is a Creative Entrepreneur and Showcase Director for Raw Los Angeles, the visionary renowned for the ability to bring imaginative and beautiful ideas to life. Establishing the production company, Young FR33M3N Create with merch and collaborations on pop-up galleries, Najee showcased an innovative approach to art & event production to best serve independent artists. The fall 2023, Najee directed & produced the first installment of ‘IN LOVING COLORS’ the art show at STRAY ANGEL FILMS, that transformed traditional viewing spaces into vibrant, interactive experiences. Season One of ‘In LOVING COLORS’ highlighted notable productions such as ‘The Artist Living Room’ and spotlighted a diverse array of talents, including musicians like Lovely Ocean and Maleya Music, visual artists Aqua Eve Da Abstract, and fashion innovators Pop Fields and Sherita Moss, among many more creatives. Najee’s passion for art and community has not only provided a platform for emerging artists like Didda, Terri McCoy, and NerdyPaperArtists but has also enriched the cultural landscape, promising even more exciting projects ahead."