NW Market Events LLC


Art is my passion. 

​I am a professional Event Production contractor involved in many of the local events you know and love. From Portland Sunday Parkways and other local and national Bike events to Mississippi Street Fair, the Waterfront Cinco De Mayo Fiesta and the Portland Winter Light Festival.

I hail from a long line of artists and engineers, and generally creative types. I’ve earned my “Portland Weird” stripes from years of great Portland events such as the original Caco’s Drunken Rampage/SantaCon, Guerrilla Pub Crawls and the greatest of events- the Portland Urban Iditarod.

I've been involved in interactive street art events here in Portland for over 15 years. As a member and Admin of MEETinPortland I participated in and organized events including Portland Urban Iditarod teams, Bus tours, hiking and backpacking trips and large event parties.

My “Dream of the 90’s” is a world where people can come together as a community of inclusion and self expression. I love events that provide a safe, fun environment for individuals or groups to come together and express their unique creative talents in whatever form that might manifest.

Portland has a rich history of Great, “Weird” but mostly Fun and Creative events. My Goal is to develop a stable format, working with the city of Portland, police and local business AND YOU, to ensure that great events like these will continue for future generations of “Portlandians”.