Rituals by Arlie, LLC


I'm Arlene JM Grant, Esq., a RAW Artist with my first showcase in Washington, DC in 2013. I'm also the Showcase Director of RAW: Baltimore operating through my company, Rituals by Arlie, LLC. 

I'm a self-taught, interdisciplinary, published, and exhibited artist sharing stories of light imagined through my lens, pen, voice, and canvas. Pablo Picasso greatly influenced my approach to art,  “Everything you can imagine is real." I open my heart and mind as I create and help others share their stories. I focus upon sharing honest expressions of beauty, hope, and inspiration to build community and healing.

I charted a professional path to ART through traumatic brain injuries, which were life altering events. Through ART, I healed from traumatic brain injuries to walk a straight line again, stop stuttering, improve my vision, and connect with my authentic self on a deeper level.  

From my lived experience, I also created a unique arts-based brain training program to help others show up for and enjoy life. My experiences provided a greater understanding of the importance of ART and sharing our ART, which prompted me to become the Baltimore Showcase Director.

I hope you'll showcase with and also support the RAW: Baltimore Family.